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Sexual Assault

Your Light, Your Life

Life is meant to be full of love and light

However, that's not always the case. Life after being sexually assaulted is different.Everything shifts a bit. The trauma can greatly affect how we preceive the world within us and around us.  That's because we experience life holistically. We hear it in our heads, feel it in our bodies.  It affects our energy and our emotions. It disrupts our life, It dulls our light. 

At Studio Gray Horse, we create the safe space for you to stop, take a deep breath and heal your soul wounds.

We acknowledge what happened.  We talk about it. Explore the thoughts and judgments you may have around your experience.

Where in your body do you still feel the assault?  Develop the skills needed to fully live within your own body.

What are you feeling? Anger, loss, grief, shame, fear...ALL emotions have value and deserve to be acknowledged. Or maybe you can't feel anything at all?

Is it a struggle to fid the energy to make it through each day?  Release what weighs you down and no longer serves you in this moment. 

With awareness comes power - the power to create your own healing journey.  You reconnect to what lights you up and fills you full of love. You experience the beauty of this moment.


Confidential Individual Coaching Sessions

Let's meet.  Just me and you.  And we will walk your healing journey together. In person or over the phone. Your choice.

Equine Assisted Coaching

Horses are healers, plain and simple.  Experience the compassion and acceptance they offer to you.  Step into the magic of the divine love of Equus. 

Equine Assisted Workshops and Retreats

All the unconditional love and acceptance you could want from the horses plus being supported by a circle of women.  Experience the profound healing only a group can offer.  

heART workshops

Art created by the soul.  These workshops create opportunities of great awareness to surface by simply allowing the message to emerge from the art.  Not art therapy - but therapeutic creativity. 


  • no horse experience is needed to participate in equine (horse) assisted coaching sessions.
  • I understand that each person will have a different level of commitment of time, energy, and money.  At your free consultation, we will determine that level of commitment and the cost. (sliding fee)
  • I am located in Kansas City but I have clients throughout the US so still reach even if you're not local.
  • I'm a certified Equine Gestalt Coach - Gestalt is a German word which means "wholeness". As a modality of therapy, it is experiential in nature and utilizes the fact that you are a creative, resourceful, complete (not broken) person.
  • As a coach, It's my job to remind you of your creativity in healing, your resourcefulness in coping with your trauma and life in general. And that you are worthy and have value - right now, as is. 
  • I believe you.

About Us


  To come back to yourself. 

Learn strategies that work for you so you can stay present in today.  Step into your future without the pain of your past. 


Trauma likes to isolate us, make us feel all alone in our experience. Connection is the way to healing.  Be supported as you deepen your relationship with yourself -                 mind, body and spirit. 


 Within our sacred, confidential circle of women, experience the feeling of being heard. Wiith an open heart,  expand your own compassion by bearing witness to others' experiences.  

Are you ready to reconnect to your light?

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Vicki coaches with incredible compassion, support, grace, and clarity.  Her empathy is profound and her presence healing. Christine VA

Vicki has helped me address some things in my life that I had buried deeply, for a very long time. I know that she is never judging the struggles I have. She truly operates from a place of acceptance, love, and empowerment.    Amy CO

Vicki was my coach during a period of great transition and change in my life.  Her positive suggestions and go-to energy allowed me to focus and step out of my familiar patterns.   Barb FL


why horses? why art?

Horse Healing

Horses live in the Present moment. They ask we do the same. Within their energy of non-judgmental acceptance, they support us as we learn to listen...to their wisdom and to our own. Co-create a life full of light.

While all of the horses we work with are polite and well trained, they remind us of the wild.  They encourage us to reclaim  our own wild-ness.  Tap into the vast internal, intuitive nature of ourselves and draw forward the wisdom we carry within.



a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensation and surrounding environment

Awareness Through Art

Art creates the space for the soul to speak.  Whether it's journaling, painting, photography, yoga or dance...whatever activity that makes you forget time and space...we are present creators speaking our Truth. 

Experiential activities help us bridge the gap when we can't find the words to describe our experience. It opens up an entire new avenue for self expression.

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